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          A Road Reflected 
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 Captivating interviews curated by host Clark Snyder
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Phil Bauer is salt of the earth. He's a pillar of his community. He has a rare blend of kindness, intelligence and mischief. His story makes for a compelling interview. Follow him from Iowa to Viet Nam. Hear his journey from 36,000 feet to soft landings at sea level at his dock on Vaughn Bay.
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Jerry Nebel is an artist who explores painting, music, songwriting and public speaking. He has also created a fabulously successful cottage industry as Santa Claus. Jerry is booked well in advance for live appearances and is featured in videos with views in the millions. This interview explores insights into Jerry as a person and as a performer.
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Hugh McMillon is a facinating story. Follow his journey from his early days in Tacoma to his world of espionage in the Central Intelligence Agency. His saga continues in retirement as a local activist and volunteer.
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George Bryan is a storyteller, humorist and local historian like few others. Boxing, racism, banking, jail, homophobia, political intrigue and river rafting are only a few of the subjects explored. 
"Paradise" makes its premier after a sleep of over 20 years. The Grand Canyon has never been experienced like this. Its glory is revealed through spectacular cinematography entwined with an epic music soundtrack. Take a trip - strap on your headphones and darken the room. 

Q & A interview with Executive Producer George Bryan follows the film.
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Brother Bill, his wife Gini and I sample hot sauces from mild to insanely hot. Fresh off the Weber grill are chicken morsels slathered in an array of goodness and heat.  Bill is an expert griller and smoker. He shares tips and tricks.
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