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Studebaker Clark Snyder 

          a.k.a. Studebaker, Clank, Clarco, Stovepipe, Stevo-Reno, Stu  & Hillbilly Boy


    From Kitsap County, Grant County, Purdy, Seattle, Nashville, Munich, Quartzsite

Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Videographer, Guitarist, Drummer, Recording Producer, Recording Engineer, Beekeeper, Tour Guide, Professional Baseball Umpire, Floral Designer, Drywaller, Call Center Sales, Background Actor, Antique Sales,  Orchardist, Auto Detailer, Habitat for Humanity Volunteer, Youth Coach, ESL Tutor, Short-Order Cook, Property Manager, Parking Garage Attendant, Construction Laborer, Voice Actor, Event Coordinator, Music Arranger

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Studebaker Clark's YouTube Catalogue

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          All Songs/Poems   © Clark Snyder   Her Hubcap Music   BMI
        Interviews:  A Road Reflected
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Est. 2003
                                   Munich/Nashville Years ~ 
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